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Holiday Blues

Late last year was a challenge to my strength. I tried very hard to push myself to endure work and gain some  free time too. Less sleep, not enough rest, more sales, pay bills, repeat. With great bills, comes great responsibility and I know that it will be a struggle to get by for the next years to come. So, for Christmas holiday, I was really looking forward to some rest and quality time too. Which was a big disappointment. Maybe if I just stayed out of that Christmas holiday illusion, there will be no expectations at all. Going on a trip for New Year though was good. At least the quality time I needed finally happened.

I don’t have resolutions for New Year as I tend to forget them just few days later. I set goals though to challenge myself in pursuing them throughout the year. This year I plan to torture myself more, doing double of what I achieved last year. Maybe if I just re-direct all my energies to the right direction, everything will fall into their rightful places. I plan to get back into the action immediately after my long rest.

This year though started rough and very unforgiving. As if a sign that it will not be smooth sailing from here on. As if an issue of my own life will be not be a handful to deal with, a news broke when I got home from my holiday vacation, that my mother was rushed to a hospital for Ascites (when fluid fills the space between the lining of the abdomen and the organs). We thought it was only a minor viral infection, that could be easily treated with all the technologies nowadays. We thought so, and prayed hard too.

After eight years of being away from our home (abroad and getting my own place after the wedding), I spent time with my family more than my usual visit. It was the most agonizing two- weeks of my life. Seeing her in pain just breaks my heart. Everyday, I have to remind myself that I have to be strong, it’s still the first month of the year, and there’s 11 more that I have to face head on, I can’t give up, I shouldn’t cry. Anxiety builds up together with more restless days.

I know I shouldn’t blame someone for what happened to her. I know that it’s God’s will, but have we failed to do what should be done? I just can’t believe how strong she was and that life was taken too early. I can’t believe that with all the technologies present and with how many years these Doctors have been studying and practicing, they can’t figure out what was the real cause of my mother’s suffering.

I still cry when I remember her, anytime, anywhere. We were at her bedside at her last moment. I want to remember her as a doting mother but how can I unsee her in so much pain? It hurts me more that my father and brother is feeling twice as hurt as I am.

Ma, Thank you for everything. We miss you. I hope you are happier now. Please look over us and heal our hearts. xo



Let the Sparks Keep Flying

Have you ever felt exhausted in your relationship? After x-number of years, Perhaps there will be a time that it will become a struggle to keep the fire burning. To have and to hold, for better or worse.

One thing is constant, people change. Doesn’t matter what his/her facebook status is, single, married, complicated, people change on their own. They grow. Some slowly, some rather fast. And if you’re in a relationship with no honest communication, you’ll grow further apart.

Little changes can cause huge blowup in marriage. One can take the other for granted because you have been so used to each other for so long. You get distracted with unnecessary things like gadgets that you think it’s more important than any living form. You disregard your partner’s opinion because your friends’ ideas matters more. You get excited with the idea of catching up with your friends rather than going out on a date with the one you actually can’t get your eyes off once. You are distracted with so many things and the one who deserves the most attention don’t get it when you promised that he/she will be the most important person in your life.

The drama series I’m currently hooked on tackle a 5-long year love-at-first sight relationship. Started off in a honeymoon period and ended up failing. They grew apart, most noticeably, the man changed a lot. From a romantic and loving nature to becoming a jerk who got tired of their relationship. I’m yet to find out if they have a second chance.

A good marriage is like synchronized swimming: It looks easy, but you don’t see all the work going on below the surface. Should we keep on swimming the roughest sea or weather the stormy period separately?

I wish for a relationship to be the best, not just as good as it once was, but better than ever.


Strangers Again

Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of beautiful individuals who came from different backgrounds. I was optimistic and full of hope then, as if nothing will shatter my dreams as I took on my first step to a whole new world, first world country, that is Dubai.

The first country I’ve ever set foot into saved my own. The first time I was away with my family, living independently. Those beautiful individuals became good friends who took care of me during my toughest plight and lowest point. I’m really grateful and feeling nostalgic, reminiscing those days we shared laughters, conversations, sadness, tears, book reviews, tears for Harry Potter. I miss them.

Dubai Friends

Probably the most decent group picture we have as my shabby digital camera was acting up on me :(

We talked about everything under the confines of our small room with 4 double decked beds.  One interesting conversation that stuck with me was when one of them told me, how she would want to go back and settle in the Philippines. I asked her why not? If that will make her happy, then take a break and go back home. She told me that whenever she takes her annual leaves, she spent it at home, meets up with friends and families, but staying for good is another story. Because aside from monetary aspect, she doesn’t have anyone to hang out to back home anymore. Most of her friends are either busy with their own life, career and family. It’s like when you’re out of their system for too long, you become strangers again. I didn’t actually understand her at the time. Since I was only a few months away from home, I still get in touched with a lot of people back then. Up until now I came to realize, her reason was indeed honest.

Is it because a person’s interests changes as time flies by? You have already different perspectives in life that you can’t just hang out and talk again. Or is it because we just grew up and because… life happened?

As much as I’m not fond of sharing room with lot of girls anymore, can’t deny that I miss those days when I have  pseudo sisters, to just hang around spontaneously, especially when one of us is feeling down.

Project Pretty Little Cravings

Few years ago, I fell in love at first sight. It was like heavens thoughtful act that we met at the right time. I was in need of a breather and a cozy nook to relieve the stress I was in. I heard retail therapy also works at that time, but I’m pinching some for a future big event then. So, I was really happy to be spending quality down time with this new found love, authentic budget-friendly, Swedish home decor store — Ikea. Oh, the days I spent just wandering around Ikea store, no matter how I already memorized the interior maze still brings about a gratified feeling.

When I finally settled down and owned a place to decorate and fill with all the gorgeous furnitures and fixtures, Ikea was not available readily in the Philippines. And I cringe at how expensive Manila resellers market these items.

Fast forward to 2013, I  decided to start a little project, called Pretty Little Cravings on Instagram. We were furnishing our newly turned-over condo unit and I just had to ship few items from Singapore where we were based. I figured out I can save on shipping cost if I take some orders from people who were just like me, eager to get their hands on some few pieces from Ikea. The project was well received and up until now, I still can’t believe that a lot of our avid followers are also returning customers.

PrettyLittleCravings Instagram

Through the months, we expanded from re-selling Ikea items to adding up mason jars, daisy lids, paper straws, porcelain cake stands and some of our pre-loved items.

We hope you’ll support us all the way. Follow @prettylittlecravings on Instagram and on facebook. Watch out for more exciting surprises this year.



Next Life

“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.”

― Gilda Radner

Why in the world people expect big things or even the smallest things from other people and somehow ends up being disappointed yet they keep on doing so?  It’s a tiring routine. But no matter how we try to stop ourselves from delving into uncertain dreams, we keep on circling around it.

I had a vision in my head that if this lifetime won’t allow me to do all the things I dream about, I’ll have it in my next life, or the next or the next. Must be all the Korean flicks I’ve been watching these days. Seriously, those compelling Joseon era, time-travel dramas, makes me wish  that somehow it’s true, that people can reincarnate in a different period of time.

In my second life, I’ll be happier. I’ll help a lot of people. I’ll love deeply and madly. I’ll be loved the same way. With endless romantic days and nights, fighting and making out. I’ll celebrate life everyday and every occasion. I  think I’d be Korean. 

The Perks of Having a Credit Card

We all went into a phase where owning a credit card scares the life out of our parents or at least our inner conscience telling us not to spend with it, else all hell breaks loose and you’ll end up in jail.

Quite scary but I hope you’ve come to passed the phase and knows how to use your credit card wisely.

I have my credit card for ages but it was just lately that I am fully maximizing the perks out of it. I’ve found a best friend to treat me for great travel deals, rewards and online shopping, where internet is available almost anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to purchase inexpensive, hard to find items now and ship it home. Or spend some quality time away from the corporate jungle.

Rear view of a woman into the swimming pool.

Amazing how powerful a piece of plastic can contribute to life experiences, create memories or make someone happy.

And all thanks to e-commerce, the most dreaded walk to pay bills and use of precious time to queue is almost a thing of the past. Ah, the perks of electronic payment solutions.

Of course there are issues of credit card misused, fraud and theft, but this new technology that Maybank Philippines introduced recently is a genius.


The Maybank Secure Online Shopping or MSOS encourages its cardholders to have more fun and worry less. It provides a safe and secure solution for online shopping as MSOS sends a one-time password in cardholder’s phone number every time they perform a transaction on a 3D secure site. The one-time password is only valid for 5 minutes and is needed to complete the transaction process.

What’s great is that this is a free-service! Existing cardholders just need to make sure that their current mobile number is registered.

What are you waiting for? Make that bold move and never missed out on that adventure you’ve long for a lifetime.

Top 10 Philippines’ Best Wedding Couturiers

Once upon a time, it’s easier to pick up a list of wedding suppliers. Effortlessly. However, gone are the days when Fairy Godmother will come to the rescue to magically flick for a beautiful gown and makeover needs. Over the years, the wedding industry has grown to an empire which makes it more stressful to sort out which one fits the  style and budget of the couple’s big day.

Weddings are celebrated as one of the grandest in Filipino culture. There’s nothing more overwhelming and fascinating than planning a perfect union of two hearts in love.

While the journey to the altar will keep the lovebirds more than busy with wedding planning, some merely borderlines to being bridezilla or groomzilla, demanding stress over their own wedding. Here’s a tip, don’t overthink it, just let it be. Let your new beginnings usher in good vibes.

Here’s an impressive display of wedding gowns to inspire bride-to-be’s in choosing their own Fairy Godmother. Beyond catalogs, we trailed down best photographers in town for real brides in their custom-made wedding gowns.

We’ll kicked off the wedding month with Philippines’ Top Wedding Gown Designers. Here are the best of the best which I narrowed down to ten considering the abundance of established and up and coming Filipino Designers. Ergo, part deux soon!


Is the mother of all Fairy Godmothers. They say a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day, but a Veluz bride  creates an aura more than stunning.

Veluz just launched her more affordable line of Ready-To-Wear Bridal Collection 2013.

Go check out her wonderful creations here.

Veluz Reyes Wedding GownVeluz Reyes Couture
Maryan in Veluz Reyes Gown by MyMetroPhotoKathrina in Veluz Reyes Wedding Gown. Photo by Bordoy Viterbo

Stunning custom-made wedding dresses by Veluz Reyes.
{From Top Left} 1. Bride Ivy, Photo by Lito Sy. 2. Bride Michaela, Photo by MetroPhoto.
3. Bride Maryan, Photo by MetroPhoto. 4. Bride Kathrina, Photo by Bordoy Photography.

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Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 at Orchard Runway

Singapore’s entertainment and shopping haven celebrates fashion and the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE with a traffic-stopping runway show right in the midst of Orchard Road. On 4th of May 2013, nearly 170 models swagger in style at the annual longest road catwalk as they showcased the latest Spring/Summer collections from local and international brands.

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