Loving Mango & Gold

I’m not a watch person but have a total love for all things dazzling & shimmering.

It’s just recently that I became interested in learning about anything Gold, Diamonds, what are the C’s, what should be and what not to consider in buying jewelries. Here’s a few basic things you oughtta  know before getting a gold rush and heading to the nearest jewelry stores.

♥ Did you know that 14k gold is the standard fineness in United States?

♥ 14 karat gold contains 58% gold combined with other metal.

♥ Europeans standard of fineness is 18 karats.

♥ 18 karats gold contains 75% gold combined with other metal.

♥ Pure gold is 24 karats, most expensive yet less durable making it unsuitable to be w

orn everyday. However, it makes an exquisite investment piece.

♥ In Middle East, there is no gold jewelry sold below 18 karat gold as it is not considered gold by law.

♥ Chinese and Indian brides wear jewelry of no less than 24-karat gold on their wedding day to ensure a lifetime of good luck and happiness.

I think in quarter life you’ll learn how to invest your money wisely. Mine would be to choose between a dress, shoes, gadgets or jewelry. We raid the mall recently for some free wi-fi connection (yikes, freeloaders! haha) and bump into these MANGO fashion watch collection on sale. I’m going loco over them, from gold to studded pieces. Below are the ones I fancy, which would you choose?

Silver Studded Mango WatchMango Watch in Elegant Black Wrist StrapGolden Mango TrinketGold Mango Ladies Watch

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