The Diamond Male Engagement Ring

Its every girl’s bestfriend, and now coming to your favorite boy too.

H. Samuel, the world’s largest jewellery chain and official carrier of “Forever Diamonds” collection will be expanding their market to be the first to offer engagement rings exclusively for men.

Who wouldn’t say yes with this gorgeous 18ct gold diamond ring? And an engraving that says alot with forever.

Why not give some love to your partner and wear both the symbol of your commitment to the forthcoming wedding?

And why is that? Equality hits the new era where more and more women are now proposing marriage to their partners. Apparently, it is a hot deal when two couples become engaged and the woman gets the stone to parade everywhere while her man is walking freely and looking unrestricted until they get married.

Referred to as the Tioro ring, a titanium and diamond ring in a modern and stylish setting of blue striped band. Sold at a modest price of £79.99 online.

And for the cosmo girls around – fun, fearless and fierce women, this is a perfect gift if you’re planning to propose this love season.

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  1. Amy

    April 14, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Well, Very interesting topic… I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…


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