Eco-Friendly Fashion

It’s earth day! What better way to contribute to world change than updating to an Eco-friendly fashion fix. And who said Eco-friendly is dull and boring?

Our little help to save the environment and to be socially responsible counts.

Here is 5 chic, fabulous and eco-friendly style ideas to look forward to:

1. Miss Voltage T-shirts for the young and hip is made out of 100% bamboo/combed cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based soft ink.

Price starts at US$33.

The raspberry t-shirt looks oh so yummy.

2. Ecoskin Spruce Dress. This beautiful dress flatters almost any body-type, perfectly framing each women’s asset. Add up an elegant touch to your wardrobe with its deep v-neck cut, cap-sleeves and pockets. The good news is that it is made out of all natural Bamboo Tencel Spandex.

Priced at US$135


3. Mineral Make-up by Ferro Cosmetics. I have used mineral make-up before and my fiance then really loved the effect on my skin. It hides my then exhausted skin with flawless and smooth finished make-up.

Ferro cosmetics has 100% natural and eco-fabulous line of loose mineral make-up. It’s made out of non-toxic and safe ingredients.

Click to go to Ferro Cosmetics Website

4. Recycled candy wrapper handbags from Ecoist.

The colorful oversize tote below is made out of recycled candy wrappers, can you believe that?

Interesting design for a quality and handcrafted style. Adds punk to your casual daily clothing.

Priced at US$188.


5. Go Vintage.

Help the economy and the environment too… go vintage!

This is by far the best way to save money, go on and dig your closet or your grandparents for a mix and match style game. Or you can even go to vintage shops for an alternative fix to the expensive designer bag you really like. For a more exciting way to acquire vintage items, do swap meets with your girlfriends.

Classic and vintage look don’t go out of style. You can even hand over your collection to your future children.


Vintage Bridal gown by Stephanie Allin

Fashion is not only about who you are wearing, or how much it cost, or does it look good on you. Be aware that you are contributing something to the environment. So, its time to make a choice…

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