A Headband Affair

When Blair Waldorf brought forward the return of headbands / hair bands aka  Blair Bands in the fashion scene, everyone have gone gaga over the hot hair accessory must have. Owning one of those adorable piece is like channeling into an upper east sider instantly. True enough, stone encrusted headbands, feather and vintage inspired head wraps are making its way from magazines to runways.

Amazingly, this headband trend has taken into a more competitive and chic market. Here are some styles to check out this season. I know you’ll love them…


Jennifer Behr Collection

These head wraps are just some of Jennifer Behr’s seductive masterpiece. You can view her entire collection at her website. Look gorgeous ala Leighton Meester aka Blair where she dazzled through Gossip Girl series. Celebrity sightings include Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Natalie Portman sporting some of the gorgeous headpieces.

feather headband

FeatherBrain on Etsy showcases handmade feather headbands collection. Choose the right color and style that matches your personality with a wide variety of headpieces that are made of natural guinea, pheasant, and ostrich feathers. Wear it in style with your curled locks or up do.


Another great shop to check out for feather collection is NevaPlume. With interesting vintage style, everyone can find the right embellishment for any outfit.

fancy hairbandnatural-crownwire tiaraunique-headband

Tale has it that you’ll be a fairy for a day or at least if you grab something from which.goose on etsy. The enchanting collection shouts sweetness, glamour and romance. The lady in despair no more, your mane is just gorgeous.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on to any of those sites and give your crowning glory a treat. They will forever be shining for sure with those lovely headbands.

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  2. Petula

    June 7, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Very cute headbands. I think I like the “natural” ones the best with the flowers, etc. Great post.


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