Saving Mother Earth

Growing up in a third world country, I witness how the environment undergo drastic changes. People tend to slack off in taking action and practicing a sense of responsibility to do something for the community.

The process of Solid Waste Management is thankfully not foreign to our land. Yet, searching for a waste to energy development, I was more impressed with N-Viro International Corporation. The company offers alternative energy from waste. This is both beneficial to us and the environment.

Going pass the Earth Hour, we shall notice how one hour of turning the lights off can make a difference. I guess it makes sense to use opportunity fuels as well for potential use of power generation. N-Viro is using a clean coal technology and has been offering the patented process since October 1993. The treatment and recycling of bio-organic wastes, lime and other mineral-rich waste, converts into renewable energy. Now, that’s real market value.

I hope the government takes vision and action to finance this kind of projects to every municipalities. This will make a huge difference than seeing waste mountain in the future.

The developer of this outstanding technology develops and licenses their system to municipalities and private companies. They successfully conquered the United States and hopefully will expand beyond their current area.

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