Spanx The Bulges

Ever had the problem of that bulging curves or that fat you wished were gone pronto? I’ve got a secret to tell, and I bet it will end a lot of misery.

Transform your look in an instant, and no, not that slimming pills again or that expensive surgical procedure, this is a subject of envy and a lust for women, what Hollywood stars and top models are raving about.

Celebrity’s red-carpet secret reveals Spanx underneath those wickedly stunning evening gowns. This woman’s best friend is responsible for reshaping, slimming and streamlining any shapes to look good at any occasion.

Spanx by Sara Blakely produces undergarments to shape women. Big endorsers like Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifa, Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Alba and more are just some of the happy owners of this miracle product.

Get ready to wear that skinny jeans and form-fitting dress and see how Spanx work to contour your curves and shapes at the right place. With super slimming and smoothing power effect, Spanx offers a variety of figure-fixing styles. It provides the perfect amount of support without the unsightly bulges!

Spanx in the Philippines is available at Rustan’s Department Store. The price is remarkably higher than on the internet but hey, the convenience of owning it instantly and  trying several options before buying is a good catch.  They have a good line-up of underwear collection, from power panties, slimming swimsuits, bras to Spanx for Men. The revolutionary SPANX® Bra-llelujah! eliminates bra bulge and is so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on!

I’ve tried one last weekend, and I’m still thinking if its my last resort to get fit. I hope they still get smaller size that their current smallest. Because I think American size don’t fair to our Filipina curves. We are tiny people, you know. I’m an A on their chart, I wish they have A-.

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  1. ldspinay

    May 10, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    it may be funny to hear that youre wearing a spanx, but they are a great invention. i’d wear it if i have to



  2. Golden

    June 29, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Amazing product! I’m interested to try it but probably not now. I find it too expensive *grins*

    Lots of love,


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