The Latest Hollywood Celebrity Gossip

Early this morning I got my dose of entertainment from Hollywood celebrity gossip.

I read about Lindsay Lohan getting fired from her latest film. It’s not that I’m a big fan but poor girl, it’s been ages since I last saw her decent photo or even heard an upcoming movie project she’s been doing. The current celeb news is that she stole a $35,000 Rolex. Of course her camp denied it.

Edward, Bella and Jacob were hot items too, as the 3rd installment on the Twilight Saga, Eclipse creates a buzz all over town. I can’t wait to see the movie too. Although, I’m yet to finish reading the New Moon book, the upcoming film made me more sleepless.

Lately, I’ve been spying some celebrity weddings too. My ultimate celeb crush did walk the aisle recently. I know, I’m his fabulous stalker. Seriously, I can’t get pass the gorgeous wedding details, beautiful people and lovely couple, after planning our own wedding.

I’m not an entertainment enthusiast, not that I have the liberty all day, but isn’t it refreshing to stalk popular lives to divert our stressful week? Sometimes, it makes sense and we realize that somebody’s life is crazier than ours. Nonetheless, I wish to trade places with Angelina Jolie even for just 5 minutes.

We do realize how powerful celebrity gossip and controversies are for some people. Scandals, photos, videos, couples and reality tv show stars. The entertainment portal boast diverse news that can make or break even the most famous celebrities.

In local show business, I’m quite alarmed on the rising number of young stars dealing with early pregnancy. I believe they should realized that they are public figures and somehow they need to be responsible for their action because some children idolizes them. Seeing on television how they dealt with their situation and the reassurance they got from media and their families, their case evolved to something acceptable.

Shame. I don’t know how to justify the problem, but it’s just my opinion.

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  6. Bright Eyes

    July 11, 2011 at 5:48 am

    I hope one day her life will turn around.

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