The Things Newlywed Should Know

After the excitement, wonderful, intense preparation to marriage, newlyweds are left with only a little time to realize that marriage isn’t at all, sugar and spice and everything nice.

Most people spent countless hours to prepare for the wedding, taking for granted the more important aspect of married life which should begin as early as the engagement period.

I had a couple and more issues I know most newlyweds had endured. This I got to share with my single girls out there and maybe for those newly married who seemed to be clueless on what in the world has taken their lives now.

Reality bites. A no-holds barred information which aims to save a blossoming marriage.

1. How to Get Pregnant

Actually, I will not teach you how to but this topic is related to that. Ever had anyone approach and ask you if you’re pregnant yet? Alas, you’re not alone. I knew some couples have the same predicament, being harassed by almost everyone asking about how come she isn’t pregnant yet. To top it all, the first query was right after the honeymoon. How cool is that – not! If you get to be asked over and over again, almost everyday.

Whatever your reason is for not having a bundle of joy yet, don’t be affected with others opinion. After all, its your lives that you have to deal with and it isn’t your duty to fulfill their wishes.

Take time, enjoy being alone with your better half and savor the  long sleeping hours, because someday or sooner, it will just be a pigment of your imagination.

2. Expect to have some of your friends to keep distance on you or vice-versa

A married woman limits herself on going out as much as she used to with a male friend. This is also true for a married man, who shall not be seen always with a friend of opposite sex alone.  Date nights are replaced with bonding with your significant other, and sleep overs are compromised.

I honestly think marriage affects friendship in as much as you want it to. This is normal because each individual have different priorities.

3. Financial Matters

The most sensitive topic for married couples. It can make or break your relationship. Although the pre-marriage seminars cover this issue, a lot of couples still find it hard to get into agreement on how to handle money matters.

Our priest told us, that a woman should handle budgeting and all finance related stuff. I guess it will not work well with all couples. One strategy may not be best for others.

The best advice I got? Sit and talk with your partner. Be honest about your finances and how you want to deal with billings, credits, investments and savings. Meet halfway to come up with an agreement that will be favorable to both of you and your future.

4. Keep The Fire Burning

or make that keep the love burning! Date like you used to. Have one night each week to dine out or go on a movie date. Make room to know each other more and let each other feel how even more special each one is now.

Newlyweds have to go to a lot of transition in short notice, from moving together,  getting used to each others good and bad habits, to being a domesticated better partner. Some can catch up easily, while for others, it can be a bit too much.

Talk. Listen. Love with all your heart.

That’s it I guess. More advices soon, and you can share yours too.

Marriage is forever. You have to keep working together.

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  5. Elvira's Roundabout

    July 29, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    your list is just really complete, those are the things that newly weds must do to keep the marriage work.

  6. Sam

    August 3, 2010 at 12:40 am

    i like your list, especially your point about dating and handling your financial matters halfway. but this i would have to add though – Commitment to the relationship, especially during the downs and disappointments along the road. it’s very important to be able to keep going. nice post!


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