Hot Finds : Cute Ruched Sleeves Dresses

Having problems with unsightly arm fats? Oh, I’ll bet you love these hot finds. A revival of the 80’s trend, ruched sleeves are out and about this season sans the shoulder pads. A more feminine twist is that these dresses comes in floral in true romance indeed.

Mod Cloth True Romance Dress

Desire Clothing Cream Floral Dress

Elegantly charming and fluffy, these babydoll dressses compliments most of women’s body type. Puffed sleeves or ruched, come and go, so it’s a quite nice to keep at least one in your wardrobe.

Trendsetters aren’t afraid to¬†occasionally trade a usual business casual suit and dress up for success in this smart and sophisticated ensemble.

Aqua Striped Jersey Puff-Sleeved Fitted Dress

And who says it ain’t sexy? It just keeps getting hotter. Long sleeves mini dress is in.

Dynosolo Sequined Shift Dress from Etsy

Even Hollywood celebs can’t get enough of this fashion trend.

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl

Anne Hathaway in black ensemble

Well, for a more masculine look and men-inspired clothing like those of Rihanna’s favorite wear, she uses shoulder pads. The classic tailored suit gets an update… just don’t over do it.

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