Nurture Nature : Going All Natural

Last Weekend, I was invited to attend the Rexona Naturals Bloggers Launch at The Stock Market in Bonifacio High Street. Together with fellow Bloggers, we were spoiled with delightful refreshments and an afternoon of rejuvenating activity.

The welcoming party consists of representatives from Ogilvy and Unilever Philippines. The friendly and light atmosphere started with an informative talk and ended by adorning our own potted plant.

Everyone was having a good time. We contemplate on the basic things in life. Amidst our constant stress and daily grind, we go back to leading a healthy life in a natural way. We ought to change to a healthy diet, live more natural lifestyle, be eco-friendly and use natural products.

The abrupt climate change taught us to be responsible with our environment. In our own little way, show how we care for nature, and let it take care of you.

A new breakthrough in online campaign will be launched  by Rexona Naturals on August.  Watch out for the First Live Garden Application on Facebook and meet the hunky gardeners. You can choose from a wide variety of live plants to take care of, right in front of your computer! The hunky gardeners can sing for them too (sounds good, hmmmm :-).

Just like Rexona Naturals who care for our environment, now, we don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that we once subject our underarms for. Rexona Naturals, with its natural ingredients and 24 hour Bio Protection is safe to use everyday.

At the bloggers launch, we had to paint and let our creative juices let loose to create something colorful out of our potted plants. Well, there’s mine. I named it Sunshine. It will be included at the garden, be sure to drop by and say Hello to Nurture Nature facebook apps soon.

Edit: {Aug. 2, 2010}

Hey guys! Nurture Nature Facebook Application is live now! Check it out : and name your own plant. Meet the cute gardeners and ask them to water, trim or play music to any of the plants. Have Fun!

I’m also giving away Rexona gift packs to lucky readers. Find out how you can win here.

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