Wedding DIY’s

In celebration of the wedding month of June, I’m reposting here from my other blog (which I’ll close soon) some reviews and our very own wedding related stories. Hoping to help some confused and overwhelmed bride-to-be’s out there.


Budget is one major factor in planning a wedding. What better way to save than make your own wedding accessories? Here are some materials we managed to fill in for our wedding. A little creativity, sprinkled with some fruit of love from our friends and family and what have we got? A unique wedding that we’ll treasure forever.

We made our own wedding invitation. Here’s the Direction Map to our Church and Reception Venue. I think I did pretty well on creating this map where only few people got lost. priceless. 😀

tagaytay map

Our wedding invite comes in a paper box, spray painted with metallic dark brown to fit our color theme.

It contains four sheets of information – about the wedding, entourage, dress code, gift registry and map. The chocolate balls are missing in this photo, I wonder who got hungry while shooting this? The colored hearts are rolled papers with different love quotes on each. To add a little flair, swarovski crystals was embedded on the word ‘forever’. Because diamond is forever? I swear I should have made a shopping spree of this item in Dubai as it came cheaper there than in Manila.

paper box invitation

diy wedding invitation

Splurge a little and ordered these pink and turquoise personalized napkins from Ebay.Unfortunately, our wedding coordinators missed to distribute them for each table. So sad when they returned it to us after the wedding and said that they forgot it on the car.

personalized napkins

While it’s fun to do some little projects for the wedding, keep in mind that it will also eat out some time. Go ahead and start early and don’t forget to ask help from your friends and family, you’ll never know how thrilled they will be to become part of your dream wedding. Don’t forget, have fun!

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