A Guide to a Perfect Marriage Proposal

Have ring, will marry!

To all the clueless men in the world and most of them are, here’s an infographic on how to pull off a perfect marriage proposal.

With over-the-top creative proposals show-off these days, most women still prefer the final act in an old-fashioned way of being presented with the ring, getting down on one knee and popping the big question of “will you marry me?”

It’s every girls dream and if you’re one lucky guy, you are conspiring a special memory of  her life that she will forever remember. It’s not about you, It’s her moment that matters. If you have been together for quite sometime, then you should have an idea of what she likes best and will make her cry with happiness.

If you can afford a diamond ring thrice the price of your monthly salary, that’s a good investment to mark your special moment together, but your love shouldn’t be tied down by the price of the ring.

After all it’s the thought that counts and how you pull off that perfect surprise.


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