The Walking Dead Series Infograph

A few weeks back, I jumped into the bandwagon and decided to started watching The Walking Dead Series. It was gruesome and twisted yet has the most amazing storyline in the history of TV.  Hands down, the production cast and crew are all genius. Needless to say, I am hooked.

Now if only February 10 comes fast, we can all find out what fate awaits on brothers, Merle and Daryl at  Woodbury. I was disappointed that Michonne left the Governor alive and that Andrea hasn’t come to her senses yet. More disturbing is the lives of Hershel, Carl, his baby sister and the rest now at stake with the arrival of new survivors.

This is going to be a long wait and my week isn’t complete until next year. You see I’m already crushing on Daryl, I hope he makes it alive till the end. Go Team Prison!

Until then, here’s a creative look of the Walking Dead Series statistics via an infograph of the National Post. See how the Zombie killing machines fair with their tools and dispatch.

The next episode’s title is The Suicide King. Any idea who will it be?

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