The Perks of Having a Credit Card

We all went into a phase where owning a credit card scares the life out of our parents or at least our inner conscience telling us not to spend with it, else all hell breaks loose and you’ll end up in jail.

Quite scary but I hope you’ve come to passed the phase and knows how to use your credit card wisely.

I have my credit card for ages but it was just lately that I am fully maximizing the perks out of it. I’ve found a best friend to treat me for great travel deals, rewards and online shopping, where internet is available almost anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to purchase inexpensive, hard to find items now and ship it home. Or spend some quality time away from the corporate jungle.

Rear view of a woman into the swimming pool.

Amazing how powerful a piece of plastic can contribute to life experiences, create memories or make someone happy.

And all thanks to e-commerce, the most dreaded walk to pay bills and use of precious time to queue is almost a thing of the past. Ah, the perks of electronic payment solutions.

Of course there are issues of credit card misused, fraud and theft, but this new technology that Maybank Philippines introduced recently is a genius.


The Maybank Secure Online Shopping or MSOS encourages its cardholders to have more fun and worry less. It provides a safe and secure solution for online shopping as MSOS sends a one-time password in cardholder’s phone number every time they perform a transaction on a 3D secure site. The one-time password is only valid for 5 minutes and is needed to complete the transaction process.

What’s great is that this is a free-service! Existing cardholders just need to make sure that their current mobile number is registered.

What are you waiting for? Make that bold move and never missed out on that adventure you’ve long for a lifetime.

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