Strangers Again

Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of beautiful individuals who came from different backgrounds. I was optimistic and full of hope then, as if nothing will shatter my dreams as I took on my first step to a whole new world, first world country, that is Dubai.

The first country I’ve ever set foot into saved my own. The first time I was away with my family, living independently. Those beautiful individuals became good friends who took care of me during my toughest plight and lowest point. I’m really grateful and feeling nostalgic, reminiscing those days we shared laughters, conversations, sadness, tears, book reviews, tears for Harry Potter. I miss them.

Dubai Friends

Probably the most decent group picture we have as my shabby digital camera was acting up on me 🙁

We talked about everything under the confines of our small room with 4 double decked beds.  One interesting conversation that stuck with me was when one of them told me, how she would want to go back and settle in the Philippines. I asked her why not? If that will make her happy, then take a break and go back home. She told me that whenever she takes her annual leaves, she spent it at home, meets up with friends and families, but staying for good is another story. Because aside from monetary aspect, she doesn’t have anyone to hang out to back home anymore. Most of her friends are either busy with their own life, career and family. It’s like when you’re out of their system for too long, you become strangers again. I didn’t actually understand her at the time. Since I was only a few months away from home, I still get in touched with a lot of people back then. Up until now I came to realize, her reason was indeed honest.

Is it because a person’s interests changes as time flies by? You have already different perspectives in life that you can’t just hang out and talk again. Or is it because we just grew up and because… life happened?

As much as I’m not fond of sharing room with lot of girls anymore, can’t deny that I miss those days when I have  pseudo sisters, to just hang around spontaneously, especially when one of us is feeling down.

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