Let the Sparks Keep Flying

Have you ever felt exhausted in your relationship? After x-number of years, Perhaps there will be a time that it will become a struggle to keep the fire burning. To have and to hold, for better or worse.

One thing is constant, people change. Doesn’t matter what his/her facebook status is, single, married, complicated, people change on their own. They grow. Some slowly, some rather fast. And if you’re in a relationship with no honest communication, you’ll grow further apart.

Little changes can cause huge blowup in marriage. One can take the other for granted because you have been so used to each other for so long. You get distracted with unnecessary things like gadgets that you think it’s more important than any living form. You disregard your partner’s opinion because your friends’ ideas matters more. You get excited with the idea of catching up with your friends rather than going out on a date with the one you actually can’t get your eyes off once. You are distracted with so many things and the one who deserves the most attention don’t get it when you promised that he/she will be the most important person in your life.

The drama series I’m currently hooked on tackle a 5-long year love-at-first sight relationship. Started off in a honeymoon period and ended up failing. They grew apart, most noticeably, the man changed a lot. From a romantic and loving nature to becoming a jerk who got tired of their relationship. I’m yet to find out if they have a second chance.

A good marriage is like synchronized swimming: It looks easy, but you don’t see all the work going on below the surface. Should we keep on swimming the roughest sea or weather the stormy period separately?

I wish for a relationship to be the best, not just as good as it once was, but better than ever.


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