Hey gorgeous! Thank you for reading my blog.

I’m not a fan of big introductions but I find it a bit less appealling when a blog picked on my interest and I can’t find any link to the owner/ writer. So I’ll fill you with mine…

I’m Valerie, graphic designer, multi-tasking extraordinaire, Ferdie’s Queen and sole-mate. I have varied interests, which ranges from books, travels, pole-dancing, aerial silk, photography, dogs, gadgets and more. If you are keen on following me & ze hubby’s budget travels and misadventures, detour at www.weekendhaven.com.

SurrealPrincess.com is my personal take on life, style, shopping, love, beautiful things and everything in between.

For inquiries, advertising and everything under the sun, shoot me words at  iBlog@surrealprincess.com