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The Perks of Having a Credit Card

We all went into a phase where owning a credit card scares the life out of our parents or at least our inner conscience telling us not to spend with it, else all hell breaks loose and you’ll end up in jail.

Quite scary but I hope you’ve come to passed the phase and knows how to use your credit card wisely.

I have my credit card for ages but it was just lately that I am fully maximizing the perks out of it. I’ve found a best friend to treat me for great travel deals, rewards and online shopping, where internet is available almost anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to purchase inexpensive, hard to find items now and ship it home. Or spend some quality time away from the corporate jungle.

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Love, Peace and Shoes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but for women of a certain age, nothing beats a new pair of heels. For stressful days and restless nights, beyond working hard, shopping is the ultimate  retail therapy. It can heal your broken heart, it takes you to places and sometimes, it makes you wild and crazy.

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Weekend Haven : Contest Alert

Sa-wat-dee ladies and gents!

We just got back from our Thailand Trip and had a wonderful time despite the bad traffic and the rainy weather on our last day.

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An Advocacy to Help the Handicapped

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whenever I stroll at the mall or out of the street, I can’t help but notice how some places are inaccessible for the handicapped. I could just imagine how depressing it is for the part of the elderly or disabled to navigate the road. It’s even more frustrating for the caregiver if they can’t help address the situation.

Good thing there is NMEDA or National Mobility Equipment Dealers  Association whose advocacy is to provide safe, reliable vehicles and modifications to enhance accessibility for all people. It is a non-profit trade association of Mobility Dealers, Manufacturers and Rehabilitation Professionals.

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4 Pretty Rain Boots

How do your pair of rain boots fair with fashion and function?

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Beyond 40 Degrees

With the weather in Manila getting crazier and hotter, I thought, I should have adjusted myself very well by now. Having lived in the Middle East for 2 years where the weather shoots out beyond 40 degrees Celsius and a very humid climate, I never thought Philippines can come this close. Continue reading