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First Secret to Successful Online Money Making

Ever wondered how your friend had the extra money for travels and luxury items? Yet she stays home, tends to her children needs and  you seldom see her going out for work?

Nope, She’s not a vampire like Edward who can do everything, or like Alice who can predict the stock market. She’s still human. She’s almost the same of you. Well, almost.

Modern woman are talented, determined and successful. In today’s genre, anything and everything is possible. The information gateway has flooded us with so much information that we hardly even need books. Oh by the way, Edward and Alice are characters from Twilight if you haven’t read yet.

Well today I’ll be discussing the best way to make money online. Hopefully to help someone with financial difficulties.

I’m not surprised how many people have jumped to the bandwagon and chosen the path to working at home, especially mothers who prefer to be with their family 24/7.

It can be rewarding to work at the comforts of your own home or to work anywhere even on vacation without the inconvenience of the slow traffic or the stressful atmosphere in the corporate world.

Most Work-At-Home Job entitles the flexibility of time not to mention the higher payout. Some prefers online surveys, some are virtual assistants, article writers and more. Continue reading

Going Green with Starbucks

I have a confession. I’m an addict. A coffee addict.

Yes, I can have my coffee anytime of the day, hot coffee on a hot summer day anyone? There was a point, where I consumed at least 5 cups a day. I’m not kidding, it’s the least I can get too, having one for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks and in between.

And of course, I eventually felt the result of it that even two sips of light coffee mix makes my stomach upset. For about 2 years, I completely took it out on my diet.

But then I’m back again. Oh, how I missed my coffee. Except now, I prefer my coffee to be nearly black, less sugar or just honey and no creamer. I limit myself to a max of 2 cups a day, my morning and night dose at that. Well, it just completes my day, a mindset that I can go through a rough work and not be sleepy all day. Continue reading

A Queen of Budget Thrills

Twenty years ago, traveling seemed only affordable for the upper class community. Good thing there were bunch of low-cost airlines branching out everywhere. Who wouldn’t love seat sale?

My first plane ride was in 2006 when I scored a discounted tickets to Bohol. It was at the height of my budget weekends, with my climbing buddies and my special someone.

Continue reading

A Breath of Inspiration

Do you know someone who inspire you to be better everyday. A woman loved by everyone who surround her. A woman who touched lives in her own little way.

I do. Her never-ending love, her constant helping hand  and the warmth of her care are just some things we always remember at the mention of her name.

She raised her children well, sometimes I could see my husband in her, both innately generous in every way.

She is a woman of strength and I couldn’t even imagine myself standing up to her feet with all the struggles she had been through. She’s has the most noble job, a teacher and the most fulfilling career, a mother.

A teacher to many, a charming lola to her grandchildren,

My second mother and a supermom to Ferdie & Dang…

Nay,  We love you and we will always be grateful for your everlasting love.

Happy 63rd Birthday!

**Photo from Edwin Allan Riguer

Saving Mother Earth

Growing up in a third world country, I witness how the environment undergo drastic changes. People tend to slack off in taking action and practicing a sense of responsibility to do something for the community.

The process of Solid Waste Management is thankfully not foreign to our land. Yet, searching for a waste to energy development, I was more impressed with N-Viro International Corporation. The company offers alternative energy from waste. This is both beneficial to us and the environment. Continue reading

Revamped Blog

I’m back!

A year older and heavier by a few pounds but still looking gorgeous. 🙂

This blog have undergone a major non-surgical face-lift as you notice. From now on, I will be sharing with you my life’s journey, musings, rants and raves, marriage, faith, politics, ideas, career, success, travels and everything in between. I will try to go beyond the beautiful and the awful side of being a woman.

My journey to bliss. I aim to help every woman in my own little way to make a difference. Be it about fashion, style or relationships, every woman is unique in her own way. And sharing a little makes a big difference. It may not be as important to others but to some, it will move  the world.

I guess that’s it for an introduction. See you around and don’t forget to drop me a message.

Beauty for Less: Using Virgin Coconut Oil

Few months ago, I decided to made a gradual change towards living green. Most of my family and friends knew I don’t like veggies and milk. I still do until this day, I’m so bad. I hope change comes my way soon. But aside from my daily fix of almost black coffee (I took the liberty  of removing the creamer and less sugar to my usual cup), I increased my water intake to help my body fight the toxins I consume. What’s more is I have already developed a love for tea. Was it a major change? I still remember my fb status by the time I started drinking my first cup, it tasted really awful. But I did passed that stage, and now I’m loving green mint tea and its benefits. I’d love to discuss it next time here.

Yesterday marked a milestone too. I have been researching for a while now on the essential uses and benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and finally got the time to try it.

virgin coconut oil Continue reading

Feathers On Your Hair

I am stil under the spell of those fab feather headbands I featured last time, and like any girls, I’m lusting for more styles. I just stumbled upon a video from DulceCandy87 where she featured the different ways to wear those feather accessory, guaranteed perfect for a back to school hairstyle.

Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore are just two of those celebrities sported wearing the same feather headbands from Foxy Lock Extensions. Check out the latest craze!