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If the Shoe Doesn’t fit, Must we change the foot?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of If The Shoe Doesnt Fit. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was at the mall couple of days ago, strolling like any other day, when I found out a lovely store with all the shoes I could ever imagine taking home. It’s like getting lost in paradise with a bunch of shoe-shopping addicts as well. lol.

Although the pairs I love are not on sale, I still had to fight the urge on pulling out my credit card, and buy a new love at that very instant. Well, not yet. I will be here long enough to witness a mall-wide sale, I thought to myself. Until then, I have to get hold to the last shoe purchase I made.

I couldn’t fathom the thought of fighting for a new kicks though when the sale comes up. I know the place will be flooded with giddy girls rummaging the stocks, and I will be left without my shoe size. How sad.

Would it be great if it will be easier to Sell, swap or shop for shoes online? Then we don’t have to worry about falling inline to make a payment or wasting time out to find if the store stocks your size.

At If The Shoe Doesnt Fit you’ll get a fabulous treat! For only $1 you’ll get to list your unworn or gently used shoes and see if others might be interested in taking it. At the same time, you get to chose with so many collections, that you will be surprise at how much bargain you can take in just minute.

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Forever 21 in SM Megamall, Philippines

Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and more. This month,  it finally opens it’s first ever Philippine Store.

Last July 2, 2010, Forever 21 officially opened it’s door at the 2nd level of SM Megamall A in Mandaluyong, Philippines to cater the Filipino market.

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Chic and Fashionable Umbrellas

It’s the wet season, or rainy season, as we call it, the time of year where stilettos are most in danger and out, and women trade gladly into a sexy knee high boots in an instant they hear raindrops. Continue reading

The Diamond Male Engagement Ring

Its every girl’s bestfriend, and now coming to your favorite boy too.

H. Samuel, the world’s largest jewellery chain and official carrier of “Forever Diamonds” collection will be expanding their market to be the first to offer engagement rings exclusively for men.

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Loving Mango & Gold

I’m not a watch person but have a total love for all things dazzling & shimmering.

It’s just recently that I became interested in learning about anything Gold, Diamonds, what are the C’s, what should be and what not to consider in buying jewelries. Here’s a few basic things you oughtta  know before getting a gold rush and heading to the nearest jewelry stores.

♥ Did you know that 14k gold is the standard fineness in United States?

♥ 14 karat gold contains 58% gold combined with other metal.

♥ Europeans standard of fineness is 18 karats.

♥ 18 karats gold contains 75% gold combined with other metal.

♥ Pure gold is 24 karats, most expensive yet less durable making it unsuitable to be w

orn everyday. However, it makes an exquisite investment piece.

♥ In Middle East, there is no gold jewelry sold below 18 karat gold as it is not considered gold by law.

♥ Chinese and Indian brides wear jewelry of no less than 24-karat gold on their wedding day to ensure a lifetime of good luck and happiness.

I think in quarter life you’ll learn how to invest your money wisely. Mine would be to choose between a dress, shoes, gadgets or jewelry. We raid the mall recently for some free wi-fi connection (yikes, freeloaders! haha) and bump into these MANGO fashion watch collection on sale. I’m going loco over them, from gold to studded pieces. Below are the ones I fancy, which would you choose?

Silver Studded Mango WatchMango Watch in Elegant Black Wrist StrapGolden Mango TrinketGold Mango Ladies Watch

Hot! White Lace Cuffs

Want some drama but you think satin gloves are so out? Well, well, I found out a new alternative and I bet you’ll agree too that this one’s gonna be hot in the market soon. White lace cuffs from LittleSparrowNest sold on Etsy. Its natural pure linen and victorian inspired. Very feminine. Revamp your plain getup to something funky yet sweet addition.

Priced at $31.50