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Ties for the Little Boys

When we were planning about our wedding, one of the things we have to decide was whether to have a black tie event or stick with the local barong tagalog for men. It was tough to pick between the two as they both have an edge over another.

For a black suit event, I love the idea of having little boys donning their stylish suit with their cute bows. My friend had even suggested to have a themed boys ties. It was a brilliant idea indeed, since I know of where to have boys ties personalized. I can even pick a silk or colored one that matches our color motif.  A perfect accessory to complement the  little men’s outfit.

Awww… who can’t resist cute boys? *giggles*

In the end, we decided to pull off a Barong Tagalog event since most of our guests don’t own a suit. Oh sad, no cute boys ties but at least my groom was elegant with his pink tie. 🙂

Hot Finds : Cute Ruched Sleeves Dresses

Having problems with unsightly arm fats? Oh, I’ll bet you love these hot finds. A revival of the 80’s trend, ruched sleeves are out and about this season sans the shoulder pads. A more feminine twist is that these dresses comes in floral in true romance indeed.

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Spanx The Bulges

Ever had the problem of that bulging curves or that fat you wished were gone pronto? I’ve got a secret to tell, and I bet it will end a lot of misery.

Transform your look in an instant, and no, not that slimming pills again or that expensive surgical procedure, this is a subject of envy and a lust for women, what Hollywood stars and top models are raving about.

Celebrity’s red-carpet secret reveals Spanx underneath those wickedly stunning evening gowns. This woman’s best friend is responsible for reshaping, slimming and streamlining any shapes to look good at any occasion.

Spanx by Sara Blakely produces undergarments to shape women. Big endorsers like Oprah Winfrey, Queen Latifa, Miley Cyrus, Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Alba and more are just some of the happy owners of this miracle product.

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Unveiling of Soft Look Collection

The top beauty essential in looking best at any age starts with soft skin. Second would be the sense of style. Summer, beauty, fashion — Oh, don’t you love being a woman?

Nuffnang Philippines  sent me an invite to this year’s Unveiling of Soft Look Collection by Johnson’s Body Care, in collaboration with Bayo and Watson’s. This is my first event with Nuffnang, having missed a few fabulous happenings in the past, this one got me quite excited to see a promising revelation.

I listed my friend, Toni, to be my plus one and finished off half my work early to use the extra time to dressed up and go glam. I did missed one thing though. The invite mentioned soft elegance. By the time, I finished picking the right wardrobe, I have piles of dresses on our bed and about 30 minutes before the show starts.

The event was held at Encore (formerly Embassy Super Club), Bonifacio Global City.

I’m still a bit early as the show was running late. I did a few rounds of photo op while waiting for Toni. Delicious Hors d’oeuvre were served at the cocktail party.

J&J has pioneered the care of Filipina skin from the start. I did grew up with a wide selection of their products, from shampoo, soap to skin care collection. Even now, I’m still a big fan of Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath.

With last year’s launch of Johnson’s Body Care, Women of all ages don’t need to worry about moisturized skin all day and radiant glow.  A range of body lotions does wonder to look and feel younger with soft, beautiful skin. Continue reading