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Strangers Again

Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of beautiful individuals who came from different backgrounds. I was optimistic and full of hope then, as if nothing will shatter my dreams as I took on my first step to a whole new world, first world country, that is Dubai.

The first country I’ve ever set foot into saved my own. The first time I was away with my family, living independently. Those beautiful individuals became good friends who took care of me during my toughest plight and lowest point. I’m really grateful and feeling nostalgic, reminiscing those days we shared laughters, conversations, sadness, tears, book reviews, tears for Harry Potter. I miss them.

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Beyond 40 Degrees

With the weather in Manila getting crazier and hotter, I thought, I should have adjusted myself very well by now. Having lived in the Middle East for 2 years where the weather shoots out beyond 40 degrees Celsius and a very humid climate, I never thought Philippines can come this close. Continue reading

Swarovski Innovation Award 2008

I missed the Bride Show Dubai last April and I totally regret not attending a single wedding exhibition before our wedding, sigh.

Another thing I’ve  missed out is the Ninth Swarovski Young Designer Awards 2008.

Guess who brought the bacon home among 300 participants of both amateur and student designer categories. Surprise, surprise…

Ten finalists from each category had the chance to show off their wedding gown creations at the runway of Dubai International Exhibition Centre last April 26. Their inspiration was based on the theme “the art of being intimate”. Three young and creative finalists took home the crystal trophies: Continue reading