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Chic and Fashionable Umbrellas

It’s the wet season, or rainy season, as we call it, the time of year where stilettos are most in danger and out, and women trade gladly into a sexy knee high boots in an instant they hear raindrops. Continue reading

Beyond 40 Degrees

With the weather in Manila getting crazier and hotter, I thought, I should have adjusted myself very well by now. Having lived in the Middle East for 2 years where the weather shoots out beyond 40 degrees Celsius and a very humid climate, I never thought Philippines can come this close. Continue reading

Unveiling of Soft Look Collection

The top beauty essential in looking best at any age starts with soft skin. Second would be the sense of style. Summer, beauty, fashion — Oh, don’t you love being a woman?

Nuffnang Philippines  sent me an invite to this year’s Unveiling of Soft Look Collection by Johnson’s Body Care, in collaboration with Bayo and Watson’s. This is my first event with Nuffnang, having missed a few fabulous happenings in the past, this one got me quite excited to see a promising revelation.

I listed my friend, Toni, to be my plus one and finished off half my work early to use the extra time to dressed up and go glam. I did missed one thing though. The invite mentioned soft elegance. By the time, I finished picking the right wardrobe, I have piles of dresses on our bed and about 30 minutes before the show starts.

The event was held at Encore (formerly Embassy Super Club), Bonifacio Global City.

I’m still a bit early as the show was running late. I did a few rounds of photo op while waiting for Toni. Delicious Hors d’oeuvre were served at the cocktail party.

J&J has pioneered the care of Filipina skin from the start. I did grew up with a wide selection of their products, from shampoo, soap to skin care collection. Even now, I’m still a big fan of Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath.

With last year’s launch of Johnson’s Body Care, Women of all ages don’t need to worry about moisturized skin all day and radiant glow.  A range of body lotions does wonder to look and feel younger with soft, beautiful skin. Continue reading