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Travel Bug

Darling, let’s dream a little bigger and take a leap of faith. ♥

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Love, Peace and Shoes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but for women of a certain age, nothing beats a new pair of heels. For stressful days and restless nights, beyond working hard, shopping is the ultimate  retail therapy. It can heal your broken heart, it takes you to places and sometimes, it makes you wild and crazy.

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Weekend Haven : Contest Alert

Sa-wat-dee ladies and gents!

We just got back from our Thailand Trip and had a wonderful time despite the bad traffic and the rainy weather on our last day.

Can’t wait to share something we bought for our facebook friends. But we can’t afford to gift you all, so as we say thank you for continuously reading and visiting WeekendHaven.com, we brewed some contest for y’all. Continue reading

A Queen of Budget Thrills

Twenty years ago, traveling seemed only affordable for the upper class community. Good thing there were bunch of low-cost airlines branching out everywhere. Who wouldn’t love seat sale?

My first plane ride was in 2006 when I scored a discounted tickets to Bohol. It was at the height of my budget weekends, with my climbing buddies and my special someone.

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